The visitors are welcomed by a beautifully carved logo of Parassinikkadavu Snake Park & Zoo at the entrance area. In the midst of greenery, the logo is carved in golden colour by the famous sculptor, Mr. Shyju Kannan, Kunhimangalam. The vertical garden behind, magnifies the beauty of sculpture.

Snake and Termite mound

Many of the snake nests inside the termite mounds. This sculpture of ‘Snake & Termite Mound’ in the park helps one to learn the relationship between snakes & Termite mounds.

3d wall art

Trees play an important role in the ecosystem. From their leafy branches to their tangled roots, trees provide a habitat for wide range of animals. The tree along with Monkeys from Mammals, Snakes from Reptiles; Owls & Storks from Aves are beautifully carved. The wall thus educates the public about the importance of trees.

Rock Tunnel

The Rock Tunnel welcomes the visitors to the world of Snakes in our Park.

The Crocodile Hunter

A modern sculpture of Stephen Robert Irwin, an Australian zookeeper and conservationist nicknamed as “The Crocodile Hunter” carved by famous artist Mr. Shyju Kannan. The Sculpture is erected as a tribute to Steve Irwin on his 10th Death Anniversary. The sculpture is located in front of the Crocodile enclosure in the Snake Park. You can take selfies and sight our crocodiles along with him.

Brahminy Kite and Indian Cobra

The ‘Kite & Snake Sculpture’ depicts the concept of Predator- Prey relationship in the Food chain. A Food chain describes how different organisms eat each other, starting out with a plant and ending with an animal. Eg: Grass- Grass hopper- Frog- Snakes- Kites. Among these, Snakes & Kites is having a Predator- Prey relationship. A predator is an organism that eats another organism and Prey is the organism which the predator eats. Snakes are the prey and Kites are predators. This deep concept is beautifully carved in the Sculpture. Even can easily point out the predator and prey from the eyes of both sculptures.

Yoga frog

Our Yoga frog in meditation posture reminds the importance of Yoga that enlighten our life.

Black Panther

The sculpture resembles a black panther goes out to a river stream for drinking water. This amazing sculpture created by our in-house talented artist Shyju Kannan. The sculpture is located right in center of the zoo, next to the King Cobra enclosure. You can enjoy this amazing view of the Black Panther while sitting in the zoo cafe, Nurk.

Bonnet macaques:

Bonnet Macaques gives you a warm welcome to the Children’s Park


Take some wonderful pictures with our ‘I LOVE SNAKE PARK’ installation.

Mural art

The wall describes about the traditional arts and structures and features of Kannur and other parts of Kerala such as Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Parassini madappura, Thrissurpooram, Arakkal kottaram, Kannur fort, Mahipalli, Charka, Malamuzhakki vezhaambal, Kannur deebastambam, Kannur Airport,Vasco da agama, Kite & snake statue, State bird of Kerala and Kalaripayattu.  

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