The Parassinikkadavu Snake Park was established by Social activists lead by Hon. Ex-minister of state, M.V. Raghavan on January 8th, 1982 at the site purchased from Kerala Government. This snake park is an offshoot of  Pappinisseri ‘Visha Chikitsa Kendra’ intended for Snake bite treatments.

The Pappinisseri snake bite treatment centre was established in the year 1964.  This is a centre for curing patients of snake bite using the combination of Ayurvedic, Allopathic and Traditional practices.  It was quite common that people bringing the victims of snake bites used to carry the snakes also, as alive, killed or hurt in many cases.   Such snakes played a vital role in treatment since the treatment for snake bite differed for Vipers, Cobras, Kraits etc. It was easy for the physicians to provide immediate treatment once the snake is identified and the symptoms are tallying with the particular species of snake.  The abundance in number of such captive snakes was a practical problem for the founders of the snake bite treatment centre. Understanding the magnitude of these incidences and to expand the research activities later in 1982 Parassinikkadavu Snake Park was established under the leadership of Sri. M. V. Raghavan the then President of Pappinisseri Visha Chikitsa Society with a noble intention for the conservation and protection of reptiles especially snakes and also to provide awareness for the protection of Wildlife and environment.

The founders got inspiration from Sri. Romulus Whitaker, the famous conservationist and Herpetologist who was instrumental for the establishment of Snake Park and Crocodile Park in Chennai.   Providing a practical opportunity to create awareness about the ecological significance of Snakes was the biggest motivation for Social activists of this region for establishing this Park. More than 50 lakhs people visited this Park during the last decade. This park has turned out to be significant education centre for students and general public for last 34 years.  .

Our vision and mission

  • To mitigate the fear and hatred towards the snakes and other wild animals and to instigate love and compassion towards such animals.
  • To provide a congenial environment for rescue and conservation of wild animals and to create a forum for holistic approach in the field of nature conservation.
  • To develop Herpetology Institute, Research Centre and Wildlife & Forestry Institute for awareness programme championing the need of wildlife protection and to create a knowledge centre for conservation efforts.  

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